PCB Schematics Design

Component Library & Schematic Drafting


MADPCB has a professional and experienced team to be responsible for PCB Schematic Design, ensuring the PCB footprints and schematic symbols are approved by international symbols standard symbols. MAD PCB is always dedicated to the library maintenance for individual customer.


Tools Expertise

• Cadence Allegro

• Orcad Layout Plus

• Mentor Power PCB

Schematics Capture

• Design Architect/Board Architect

• Design Capture/Design View

• Orcad CIS



                                                                  (PCB Schematic)


Common Rules of PCB Schematic Design


• Every electronic component(part) and connection must appear on the schematic. If the power and/or

  ground connections are omitted, make sure that these omitted are appeared on the netlist.

• If mounting holes must have copper rings bond the ground of the board to the chassis ground, these

  mounting holes must be appeared on the schematic.

• Show all component-style (solder-in) test points. Do not add hundreds of numbered test points to

  indicate ATE test points. These test points will be vias added during layout.

• Show anode (+) at polarized capacitors.

• Indicate nets with high-current (>1A) or high-voltage (> ±20 V), or provide list in instructions.

  Indicate nets requiring special routing(differential, shielded, controlled-Z, etc.).

• If using single-point grounding, use separate ground nets and indicate a junction location.

• Run the checking routines in your schematic capture tool to wring out any errors.