PCB Assembly

With advanced assembly equipments and skilled technicians, now our assembly lines are versatile for Rigid PCB Assembly, Flex PCB Assembly and Rigid-flex PCB Assembly with FR4, Rogers, Aluminum, ceramic, PI and PET substrates. Daily SMT capacity reaches 1.5 million points.

*Please send your Gerber and BOM to sales@madpcb.com for quick quote.

Quick Review of MAD PCB Assembly Services:

◾Printed Circuit Board Assembly
◾Full/ -Partial Turnkey and Consignment Assembly
◾Components Sourcing
◾Electronics/ Microelectronics Assembly
◾PCB and PCBA Prototypes
◾Surface Mount / SMT Assembly
◾Thru-hole Circuit Board Assembly
◾Hybrid Assembly
◾Strategic Supply Chain Management
◾Box Build
◾Final Assembly
◾IC Programing
◾Visual & Electric Testing

We serves more than 500 customers with PCB Assembly Service in Industrial, Communications, Medical, Wearable Devices, Navigation System, Biorobotics, Monitoring System, Aviation, LED Lighting and some other markets for all your Electronic Manufacturing Services(EMS).

Are you finding an ideal one-stop vendor with pcb manufacturing and assembly services? Yes, we are the one you are finding since we know your real requirements as below,
◾Lean PCB manufacturing
◾Precision circuit boards assembly
◾Products build with quality reliability
◾Short time to market
◾Cost effective

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