Chip Decryption

The chips in products are always encrypted, sometimes we want to acquire the code, but which can not be read and got directly by programing device. What can you do? MADPCB recommends you our save and rapid Chip Decryption Service. We are able to extract codes with non-invasiveand invasive approaches.


Non-invasive Chips Reverse Engineering includes Software Attack, Electronic Detection Attack and Error Operation Generation Technology.

Software Attack: using PCI, data encryption algorithm or the algorithm of security vulnerabilities to attack

Electronic Detection Attack: by monitoring the analog characteristics and electromagnetic radiation characteristics

Error Operation Generation Attack: mandatory generating processor to execute error operations by voltage and clock shock


Common Invasive Chips Reverse Engineering Procedures for Probe Technology:

Decapsulation (Decap)




Schematic read-back and organization


This technology is to directly expose the wiring connection inside the chips, then observe, operating control and interface it, This procedures need to be finished in a specific laboratory in a couple of hours or several weeks with semiconductor test equipment, microscope and micropositioner.


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What Chips can you Crack?

MADPCB is professional in Chips Code Extraction. We can extract codes from various types chips such as MCU(microcontroller), DSP, AVR, CPLD, FPGA and ICs from most famous chips brands like Altera, Atmel, Cypress, Dallas, Freescale, Holtek, Microchip, Philips, Samsung, Silicon, ST, STC, SyncMos, Winbond…

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What Should I do?

Ship us the device sample with encrypted chips and 2pcs more non-programed blank chips, which will be loaded the decrypted code and shipped back to you for test. If you confirm the decryption success, the source code will be sent to you. We can provide .bin file and .hex file upon your requirement.


MADPCB provides Chip Reverse Engineering Service for legal purposes (education, studying, finding lost data…) only. Any legal disputes may occur with this service has no relation with us.

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